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Stair Lift in Lancaster

Lift Up Your Home Life

You should be able to access every part of your home, regardless of your age or mobility struggles. Stairlifts in Lancaster give you the independence to safely stay in your own home for many years to come.

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Stairlifts We Offer

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Straight Stairlifts

Navigate your straight staircase easily and independently with our straight stairlifts. Our solutions are reliable, convenient, and custom.

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Curved Stairlifts

Our curved stairlifts provide seamless and dependable in-home mobility solutions for curved and irregular staircases.

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Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts from Independent Home Solutions make navigating outdoor spaces a breeze. These durable products make your life easier.

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Age in Place with A Stairlift in Lancaster

We are proud to recommend Bruno brand stairlifts, the most durable, efficient, and effective stairlifts on the market. Leaving your home for an assisted living facility can be a difficult transition, and retrofitting your home is expensive. A stairlift in Lancaster is a more cost-effective and empowering solution for seniors who wish to age in the comfort of their own homes.

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The Benefits of Installation With IHS

Timely stairlift installations to accommodate your schedule.

Rails are mounted to treads on the stairs and do not require a wall for support.

Removal of the unit and track leaves minimal-to-no footprint.

Peace of mind. Stay safe in the home you love & regain your independence!

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How A Stairlift Can Help

A stairlift is Lancaster is a safe and convenient support system for seniors to navigate staircases in their homes. These assistive devices help seniors maintain independence and enhance mobility as they age comfortably in their own home, while also reducing the risk of falls.

Stairlift Highlights


Power Swivel Seat

Elan Straight Power Folding Footrest

Power Folding Footrest

Elite Curved Stair Lift 14

Easy Operation Remote

Elan Straight Folding Rail 1

Folding Rail

Elite Straight Four-Point Harness

4-Point Harness


90° Integrated Safety Swivel

Elite Curved Stair Lift 13

Dependable Service


Compact Styling

Elite Curved Extra-Wide Seat or Footrest

Power Swivel Seat


4-Point Harness

Elite Curved Extended Rail Positions

Works with Curved Staircases


Power Folding Footrest


Variety of Upholstery Choices

bruno-elan-stair lift-280x210-1

Power or Manual Folding


Larger Footrest


Compact Styling

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I highly recommend Curtis and his company if you need help with your chair lift.

We had a problem with our Chair Lift and went to Curtis at Independent Home Solutions. Curtis could not have been any nicer than he was. I can’t say enough good things about this man and this company for honesty and trustworthiness. I would highly recommend independent solutions, the work Curtis did was great and the price he charged was unbelievably good.

- Bob Bussell

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I am very pleased with Independent Home Solutions.

One week post installation and lift is working perfectly. Curtis is excellent to work with as he did everything exactly as he promised. Based upon my experience, I would gladly recommend IHS based in KC area to anyone.

- James Keith

Curtis and David were extremely helpful and accommodating.

They had very prompt responses and the quickest instal times I’ve seen. I had reached out regarding getting some stair lifts installed for my aunt, and Curtis was so helpful and got it installed for her in less than a week. Highly recommend!

- Fon Shady