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Your home should be where you feel most safe and comfortable, at any age. Independent Home Solutions can transform your home with senior home modifications in Pennsylvania.

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Comfortable, Convenient Senior Home Modifications

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Custom Solutions

Mobility looks different for everybody. When you come to us for aging in place remodeling in Lancaster, you can trust that you’re getting custom solutions.

Physical Therapy Expertise

We work to ensure that every installation plan is sound and equipped to help you achieve your individual goals. Every home modification project is assessed by our in-house physical therapist.

Empowering Seniors

Mobility is an important piece of maintaining independence as you age. Our home mobility solutions empower seniors and improve independent living.

Warranty Protection

Bruno offers a lifetime warranty on every stair-lift component, including repair and servicing, at no cost to you.

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Make Entering Your Home Easy

Is entering your home becoming a struggle? Independent Home Solutions offers modular-based ramp systems to precisely fit your unique home and entryway specifications. Our senior home modifications in Pennsylvania cater to all seniors, considering their individual needs and abilities, ensuring they can live independently.

Are there steps? Slopes? Any specific dimensions or limitations? Do you need materials to match your home’s aesthetic? No matter the requirements of your home or mobility limitations, our team can engineer a home entry ramp solution to enhance accessibility and freedom in your daily life!

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Accessibility At Every Level

Whether it’s getting up and down the staircase or getting in and out of your shower or bathtub, Independent Home Solutions has the equipment and the expertise for impactful senior home modifications in Pennsylvania. Our brand-name stairlifts and walk-in shower installs are fit custom to your home and your needs, so you can safely access every room in the house.

Installation times for our equipment range from 1-2 days, so you can get back to your daily routine quickly. Our installation also covers any modifications to your existing bathroom or staircase, such as replacing the railing or widening the shower doorway. Our general contractors partner with licensed physical therapists to make sure our plans are sound.

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Helping You Achieve Home Independence

We have the solutions you need for senior home modifications in Pennsylvania. Contact us today!

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We highly recommend Curtis and this company.

We were in need of a chair stair as my husband was unable to use the stairs which would help him to the car. I called and talked with Curtis and he made arrangements for the exact day and time that would work for us. His explanations were so helpful in us making the decision to have one installed. Curtis had it installed quickly and his explanation of how to use it was excellent.

- DJ Daugereau

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I can’t say enough good things about this man and this company for honesty and trustworthiness.

We had a problem with our Chair Lift and went to Curtis at Independent Home Solutions. Curtis could not have been any nicer than he was. I would highly recommend independent solutions, the work Curtis did was great and the price he charged was unbelievably good, I highly recommend Curtis and his company if you need help with your chair lift.

- Bob Bussell

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Highly recommend!

Curtis and David were extremely helpful and accommodating. They had very prompt responses and the quickest instal times I’ve seen. I had reached out regarding getting some stair lifts installed for my aunt, and Curtis was so helpful and got it installed for her in less than a week.

- Fon Shadyy

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Thank you guys so much for all your help!

I called Independent Home Solutions to ask them some questions and estimates for stair lifts for my mom and dad and spoke to David. They were able to schedule an appointment for me on the same day I called! He was so friendly and knowledgeable about the products they sell and he did not pressure us into making a decision on purchasing a stair lift. He gave us so much knowledge yet didn’t put any pressure as far as purchasing . I for one hate high pressure sales people. Their prices are fair and David and Curtis were able to have it installed the day after we called to give them the go ahead. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a stair lift!

- Lindsey Taylor

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This was such a great experience from the first call, home visit, and installation was seamless.

Curtis came in and help make this transition in our Mother's mobility a breeze. And now my 94yr old Mother wishes she made this choice sooner. We gained so much sense of security for her to move from floor to floor. Thanks again! We will highly recommend Independent Home Solutions.

- Mary Bundy

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What is a “mobility issue?”

According to a Cornell University study, ambulatory or mobility disability involves “serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs.”  36% of U.S. adults 65 and older have mobility issues.

These mobility issues affect more than being able to access a second floor, basement, or even enter or exit the home. There may be slight level changes within the home caused by design, or by the house settling. These small changes can create trip hazards.

Independent Home Solutions can address elevation and access issues with ramp installations, stairlift improvements, and bathroom support enhancements. Get a free estimate on making a senior’s household setting the perfect age-in-place home.

Why would I want a walk-in shower when I already have a shower stall?

It’s unfortunate, but the typical shower stall has raised edges at the entry point, and has a door that requires extra balance to open/close. For seniors (or anyone) with mobility or balance issues, these can be navigation hazards that can cause serious injury and—in some tragic instances—even death.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home for a senior. Wet, slippery surfaces and navigation obstacles make bathing an issue. A walk-in shower removes the problem of raised edges at the entry, and the necessity of opening/closing a door.

The walk-in shower operates essentially as a “shower room.” The shower area is semi-open or fully open, with support bars and full tiling.  They make a shower more spacious while still fitting in a small space. The ultra-low threshold provides safer entry and exit from the shower. And they just plain look good!

Why is professional construction of a wheelchair ramp important?

A professionally constructed wheelchair ramp is vitally important for seniors. First and foremost, it ensures safety. Older adults may have mobility challenges or rely on wheelchairs or mobility aids to move around. A well-designed and expertly built ramp minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries that could occur when navigating stairs or uneven terrain.

Professional contractors follow guidelines and standards that the DIYer may not know about, understand, or want to deal with.

As professional designers and installers, your IHS team ensures the ramp’s slope, width, and railing are compliant with safety regulations while fitting your exact needs. In the end, our expert ramps reduce the chances of slips, trips, or falls both outside and inside the home.

Will a stairlift block my stairs or make them harder for others to use?

An IHS stairlift system provides mobility assistance without blocking your stairs. Our designs ensures your staircase remains accessible through 3 key features:

Fold-Up Seating: When not in use, the seat, footrest, and armrests can be easily folded up, allowing the stairs to remain completely unobstructed. 

Slim Profile: We install the track on which your chairlift travels on the side of the staircase. There it takes up minimal space, so that you retain the majority of your staircase’s width. This way others can use the stairs without constriction from the stairlift system, including your pets.

No Wall Support Required: Unlike some older or less advanced stairlift systems that rely on wall-mounted support for stability, ours are designed to be mounted solely on the treads . This leaves your walls intact and free from any obstructive fixtures.