Exploring Synonyms And Other Names For Stair Lifts

Lift Lingo

Lift Lingo: Synonyms and Other Names for Stair Lifts

We’ve always called them “stair lifts” but maybe you’ve always known them as “stair glides.”  The lingo can be confusing, or even uncomfortable for those new to mobility solutions, but Independent Home Solutions is always here to help.

As we explained in an earlier post, IHS installs stair lifts (not chair lifts, which are a separate product not offered by IHS). But we also understand how confusing the terminology in this space can be, so allow us to explain in a little more detail.

True stair lifts, and their many various synonyms, play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. These devices provide a safe and convenient solution for navigating stairs (both indoors and outdoors) allowing individuals to maintain independence and freedom within their homes. Chair lifts, by contrast, simply help the user from a seated to standing position.

Understanding the diverse terminologies associated with stair lifts can aid in better communication and accessibility advocacy. In other words, we want to make sure we’re speaking the same language to better help serve your particular in-home mobility needs.

Synonyms for Stair Lifts

Stair Elevator
Often used interchangeably with stair lift, a stair elevator performs the same function of transporting individuals up and down stairs, offering a vertical mobility solution.

Stair Glide
The term “glide” evokes a smooth and effortless movement, highlighting the seamless experience of traveling on a stair lift.

Stair Climber
Reflecting the action of ascending or descending stairs, the term “climber” underscores the functionality of the device in overcoming architectural barriers.

Stairway Lift
This synonym emphasizes the lift’s role in facilitating access along stairways, ensuring individuals can navigate multi-level homes with ease.

Stairway Chairlift
Combining the concepts of a chair and lift, this term underscores the dual functionality of providing both seating and vertical transportation. It’s also the most confusing, but if your chair goes up a set of stairs, it’s technically a stair lift.

Staircase Lift
Describing the lift’s function in aiding individuals on staircases, this term emphasizes its contribution to accessibility within residential settings.

Stair Stepper
This term draws parallels with exercise equipment but is used to describe the mechanism by which the lift moves along the staircase, step by step.

Ultimately, whether referred to as stair elevators, chair lifts, or stair glides, these devices serve a fundamental purpose in promoting independence and inclusivity for individuals with mobility challenges. As we continue to strive for universal accessibility, acknowledging and embracing the diverse language used to describe these essential tools is always top of mind for IHS.

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