Project Spotlight: Shower installation in Reading, PA

Project Spotlight: Shower installation in Reading, PA

Let’s do a deeper-dive into the Before and After images of this recent walk-in shower we installed in Reading, PA. Sometimes it’s useful for prospective clients to visualize a product in their own home. We’re also proud of our team and love to take any time we can to spotlight their craftsmanship.

Reading, PA bathroom before image

As you can see, a pretty standard looking shower setup. Which presents a huge mobility issue for anyone not able to maneuver themselves over that large lip, through a tight gap, and onto a slick surface with minimal safety bars or railing.

Reading, PA bathtub installation after

Those mobility problems have been solved. The new bathtub is way more accessible, with that tall tub edge reduced to something more easily navigable. We’ve also installed multiple, large safety railings to help avoid any falls and a new shower head designed with accessibility in mind.

Ready to make moves on mobility solutions for your own home? Whether you’re in the market for a shower or a stair lift, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us today for a free estimate or to learn how IHS can help you remain safe in the place you call home.