Project Spotlight: A curved stair lift installation in Harrisburg

Project Spotlight: A curved stair lift installation in Harrisburg

Independent Home Solutions proudly installed this custom curved stair lift at a home in Harrisburg, PA. As is often the case, these stairs presented us with another unique problem. Namely, how can we engineer a solution to navigate two different sizes of stairs, the second set of which is curved?

Curved stair lift installation in Harrisburg, PA

Problem solved. As shown in the photos, the upper section of the stair lift is just like any other straight stair lift. Which means we were able to use stock parts for the bulk of the vertical ascent portion of the lift. Then, to tackle the rounded steps at the bottom, a custom lift had to be designed and installed.

Finished installation of a curved stair lift in Harrisburg, PA

Once the customer agreed to our design proposal, Rick measured the staircase and other necessary dimensions and photographed the space. That information was then sent over to the Bruno custom stair lift build department, where pieces for the custom section were welded together to fit the customer’s staircase. Rick was definitely satisfied with the finished product, and so are we.

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