Independent living for Seniors in Lancaster

How We Promote Independent Lifestyles for Seniors in Lancaster

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Since 2006, Independent Home Solutions has been proud to promote independent living in Lancaster. Our installers roll up their sleeves every day, driven to help people age comfortably at home. Every customer is just as unique as their custom-built solutions. So take a look at the custom home modifications we install for peace of mind every day.

The Impact of an Independent Home

Through the years, our solutions have evolved with our business. After his tour of duty as a US Marine, our founder, Dan, gained experience building custom multi-million-dollar homes. While stairlifts and ramps may not seem as glamorous as those homes, our entire team finds helping people to be even more rewarding. Independent living in Lancaster means something different to everyone, so here’s what our solutions mean to the people we’re proud to serve:


For many homeowners with limited mobility, stairs are enemy number 1. No one’s life should be limited to only one story, which is why we recommend stairlifts! To glide into the next story of their homes effortlessly, we recommend this modification to customers who want safe, independent living in Lancaster.

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All Rise

Stairlifts have been around for centuries, but now they’re evolving to serve more people in more places than ever before. In your own home, you should feel safe and sound everywhere. It may take some getting used to. But over time, our customers find that taking a seat is more comfortable than making the climb. Here is where our customers can take a seat for safety in their own home:


These are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of a conventional stairlift. However, our stairlifts are anything but conventional! We take detailed measurements before ordering any stairlift to ensure a secure fit every time. The Bruno Elan is our top choice for great features and incredible value that keeps independent living in Lancaster affordable for everyone!


Life can come with many curves, and so can your home. That’s why our pros trust the Bruno Elite system. This solution makes curved staircases a breeze for anyone to tackle any curveball life throws at their mobility. The Elite system comes in various colors and includes many customizable features to make independent living in Lancaster possible inside and outside the home!


You read that right! Independent Home Outdoor stairlifts keep every space of the home accessible, so seniors can enjoy every square foot. The Bruno Elite Outdoor system can be customized to reliably stand up to all four seasons. With durable finishes, customizable designs, and Bruno’s industry-leading warranty, getting down those porch steps is easier than ever!


Another way we can help homeowners make their way outside is with a custom-built ramp! From the Central Market to your favorite church, a simple ramp can open up a world of possibilities for anyone with limited mobility. Ramps are a great way to maintain functionality for the home and frugality for your budget. As we plan every project for independent living in Lancaster, we take special care to preserve the form and function of every home we improve.


Making Confident Strides

At Independent Home Solutions, we provide options to help everyone take confident steps outside their home. Since every home is just as unique as the homeowner, we offer 3 types of ramps to suit every customer’s independent life at home. 

Modular Ramps

These ramps are a great decision even if homeowners don’t need them yet. Whether it’s to prepare for the future or to be more courteous to guests with limited mobility, a modular ramp is always a welcome addition. We recommend stainless steel ramps to make safe steps possible in every season. Modular ramps we install are specially designed with ribbed plates to help prevent slips and falls during those harsh, freezing Pennsylvania winters. With high versatility and value, this is one of the most popular ramp options that promotes independent living in Lancaster.

Three Step Ramps

For those who remember tuning into the first moon landing, what used to be one small step off the porch may feel like a giant leap lately. To make the small steps feel small again, we suggest three-step ramps. These are typically smaller than modular ramps, but they make a huge difference for homeowners wanting to age in place. Instead of always needing help or planning a great escape, these ramps keep everyday independent living confident and easy.

Vertical Lifts

Pennsylvania has some of the most historic and beautiful neighborhoods in the country. However, the homes in them typically weren’t built with limited mobility in mind. For many seniors, limited mobility means making a hard decision between their dream home and their health. That’s where vertical lifts come in. Instead of moving out, we recommend a Bruno VPL to keep the dream alive for homeowners of all ages. 

Accessible Showers

Have you showered today? For millions of homeowners with limited mobility, it can be hard to answer this question. If getting in or out of the tub is one of the scariest parts of a daily routine, we have options to make things easier. To prevent a slip and fall before it happens, we install custom walk-in showers. Just because your mobility changes doesn’t mean your daily routine should. That’s why we’re proud to provide crucial solutions to promote independent living in Lancaster.


Forget Fears of Falling

Why stand when you could sit? If you’re having trouble getting in the shower, chances are you’re having trouble standing through it as well. To keep every shower enjoyable, we recommend custom seating solutions alongside other options for safe showers. Additional options include comfort height toilets and grab bars to make every daily routine effortless. As the fears of falling melt away, everyone with limited mobility can enjoy independence in every space of their home.

Building Your Independent Home


To fully understand the unique challenges our customers face, Independent Home Solutions takes a hands-on approach. Our at-home estimate helps us understand the unique needs of our customers. Our process begins with an in-person walkthrough of your home. As we begin to understand the obstacles to independent living, we offer potential solutions that can help seniors live a safer, fuller life. 

We keep every estimate free because the amazing stories we hear while planning most modifications are payment enough. Before we wrap up our walkthrough, we’ll discuss budgets and timelines, and we’ll answer any questions. 


Our estimates include the price of installation in the total cost of every plan we build to keep pricing clear and easy for every homeowner. It’s also important to note that while most ramp and stairlift installations take only one day, walk-in showers can take two or more. 

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Our crew looks back fondly on the multi-million-dollar homes we’ve helped build. But there’s something special about improving someone’s life over just a few hours. 

As we install solutions for independent living in Lancaster, we often hear amazing stories from the people we help. We’re all ears throughout every project because we believe everyone who invites us into their home deserves a courteous experience throughout their installation.

Our customers don’t have to worry about muddy boots or leftover dust from our crew because our crew treats every home with the same respect as we do our own. Just as we take pride in our courteous service, we appreciate courtesy from homeowners as well. That’s why we suggest scheduling your installation for a time that someone will be home to ensure our installers can get in and out without any troubles.


Everyone needs a little TLC now and then, including your home! After every installation, we walk homeowners through the features and any necessary maintenance of their modifications. While ramps and showers are pretty straightforward, only some modifications are easy to understand right away.

To help homeowners understand their stairlift, we explain the features of every button on the remote and simulate typical operation. We also walk through any maintenance requirements to keep everything running smoothly. As an authorized Bruno dealer, we’re happy to honor these warranties to keep homeowners living independently without worrying about costly repairs. Every Outdoor Elite stairlift includes a 5-year gold warranty that covers most major repairs. Bruno also offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty on major components for every indoor stairlift. 

The Costs Surrounding Independent Living

Assisted living is often considered one of the only solutions for some families because of the total cost. However, in 2023, the current national average cost is over $5,000 a month! To get the same peace of mind found in assisted living without any of the hidden costs, we keep our pricing options straightforward and fair.

Stairlifts typically cost between $3,400 and $10,000. 

Ramp installations can run from $6,000 to $10,000. 

Walk-in showers currently cost between $12,000 and $15,000, depending on the desired fixtures. 

These costs include the cost of average projects, but just as every situation is unique, your costs will be as well. No matter how you look at it, we provide independent living in Lancaster that is almost always less than the price of an average year in assisted living.


These modifications are not covered by Medicare, but we don’t expect every homeowner to have thousands of dollars lying around. To keep financing flexible, we share financing options in one easy estimate. We use Wisetack to integrate financing into every estimate in the $500–$25,000 range. This makes sure that every rate is tailored to everyone’s individual needs and credit score. 

Live Life Independently

Everyone deserves to live comfortably in their home for as long as possible. That’s why we’re proud to provide solutions for independent living in Lancaster. Life shouldn’t come with limitations at any age. Promote your peace of mind with a free estimate today!