Project Spotlight: Stair lift installation in Lancaster

Project Spotlight: Stair lift installation in Lancaster

Photo of a stair lift installed in a garage in Lancaster

This is a very unique stair lift our client installed for his sister to use in Lancaster, PA. She’s become too weak to navigate any steps at all and moves around her house with a walker. In order to remain in her home, she needed assistance with a small flight of stairs leading to the garage.

Despite the overall lack of size, this stair lift is easier to navigate (and less taxing physically) than a wheelchair or walker ramp would be. This product also takes up significantly less space in the garage and requires no further modifications to existing stairs. Ease of use and conservation of space…what more could you ask for?

No matter the obstacle, IHS will happily design and install a solution that’ll help you or a loved one overcome any physical limitation to remain at home. Got something other than a stair lift in mind? No problem! We’ve also got products designed for showers and those in wheelchairs.

So, if you’re in the market for a mobility solutions provider, look no further. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn how IHS can help you remain safe in the place you call home.