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Walk-in Shower modification in Reading, pa

Better Accessibility in the Bathroom

Independent Home Solutions provides premier bathroom remodeling services, including aging-at-home improvements such as grab bar installation and walk-in shower modification in Reading. Every ounce of our expertise and compassion is put to work making your home safer, easier to navigate, and wholly accessible to you.

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IHS Bathroom Remodel Capabilities

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Walk-In Shower

Walk-in shower modification in Reading includes high-traction flooring and access improvements, replacing traditional tubs/showers for seniors.

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Comfort-Height Toilets

Low-set toilets make sitting down dangerous for seniors with balance & stability issues. Comfort-height toilets provide easier and safer access.

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Grab Bars

Our grab bar installations provide the support seniors need to help prevent falls and help them retain their independence in the bathroom.

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Impactful Aging-at-Home Solutions

Mobility issues occur for many men and women, but they are especially prevalent for seniors. For many people struggling with mobility issues, the bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in your home to navigate. Bathroom alterations like walk-in shower modification in Reading provide empowering solutions for seniors to live with dignity and independence. We’ll help you stop mobility from holding you back.

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The Benefits of Installation With IHS

Walk-in shower modification that's fast and time-sensitive.

Top-of-the-line, stylish Onyx shower units.

Expertise in shower retrofitting and tub conversion.

Enhanced accessibility with reduced risk of injury.

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How Walk-In Shower Modification Helps

Life happens. Homeowners age or are stricken with mobility struggles. When they have IHS do bathroom alterations like walk-in shower modification in Reading, this delivers a number of benefits. These homeowners reduce the risk of slips and falls for improved safety. The modifications also allow seniors to live with dignity and independence with barrier-free bathing and bathroom accessibility as they age.

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Great people and very knowledgeable about their products!

Curtis was very prompt in returning my call and coming out to give me an estimate and his suggestions for what would work for me. I highly recommend this company!

- Kimberly Taylor

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Professional Services

Everyone from the sales staff to the installers were very professional, courteous, and answered all my questions and concerns.

- Jim Stankowitz

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Great company!

I'm extremely impressed with the customer service at Independent Home Solutions. Curtis is very knowledgeable about stair lifts and takes a consultative approach. He was very patient and thoroughly answered all my questions. I plan on using them moving forward.

- Paige Akins

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