Wheelchair Ramp installation in harrisburg, PA

A New Chapter of Accessibility

When the time comes for employing a wheelchair, make your home more accessible with wheelchair ramp installation in Harrisburg. Seniors can stay in their homes safely, coming and going as they need. Even people who don’t use mobility devices benefit with fall-preventing access to all areas of the home.

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Our Ramp Options


Modular Ramps

Help ensure safe access in and out of the home with modular wheelchair ramp installation. This is an excellent, versatile, and customizable solution for mobility-challenged individuals.

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Three-Step Ramps

Our three-step wheelchair ramp installation effectively solves small height differences, especially for homes with small, open entries.

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Vertical Lift Platforms

For homes with entry challenges from height or space, our vertical lift platforms provide ideal access for homes lacking room for a longer ramp pathway.

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Expertise and Compassion for Mobility Challenges

When considering wheelchair ramp installation in Harrisburg, PA, use installers and technicians who are passionate about delivering impactful, custom solutions that best fit your situation. At Independent Home Solutions, our entire team is dedicated to helping you enjoy mobility enhancements both inside and outside your home.

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Benefits of Wheelchair Ramp Installation With IHS

Ramp installation that's both efficient and expert.

Aluminum construction that won't break down.

Ramp removal that doesn't damage your home.

Wheelchair ramp solutions for short-term or long-term needs.


Ramp Up Your Accessibility & Independence

Wheelchair ramp installation in Harrisburg promotes independent living. It also reduces the risk of falls and injuries for both wheelchair-enabled and non-wheelchair users alike. At IHS, we empower seniors to continue enjoying aging in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Whether inside or outside, we will provide safe and convenient solutions for you to navigate staircases and level changes.

Don't Let Financing Hold You Back

Independent Home Solutions has cost-effective options for you.

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Affordable Financing

We offer comprehensive financing solutions for every installation project.

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Free In-House Consultation

We offer thorough home evaluations & personalized accessibility recommendations.

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Helping You Achieve Home Independence

We have the solutions you need for aging in place in Lancaster. Contact us today!

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I highly recommend them.

Dave from Independent Home Solutions was on time for our appointment, did the work quickly and followed up with me before he left. Those are good business practices and he made me feel comfortable working with him and IHS.

- David Schnathorst


Highly recommend!

Great experience working with the owner of IHS. Dave has an exceptional work ethic and provides great customer service.

- Jason Scott

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This was such a great experience from the first call.

Home visit, and installation was seamless. Curtis came in and help make this transition in our Mother's mobility a breeze. And now my 94yr old Mother wishes she made this choice sooner. We gained so much sense of security for her to move from floor to floor. Thanks again! We will highly recommend Independent Home Solutions.

- Mary Bundy