Project Spotlight: Harrisburg Stair Lift

Project Spotlight: Harrisburg Stair Lift

Here’s a really cool stair lift installation over in Harrisburg we’re proud to show off. Nestled against the Susquehanna River in south central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg stands as a historic testament to the working class roots of our beloved Commonwealth. It’s also the capital city, for those of you who remember your elementary school geography.

Most importantly, it’s home to Hazel. And Hazel recently contacted IHS about having trouble accessing her finished basement. Rather than face the prospect of leaving the home she’s lovingly built over years of hard work, we helped ensure Hazel would be able to enjoy time with her family in the previously inaccessible areas of her house. As we always do, we installed a stair lift manufactured by Bruno to bring that dream to reality.

stair lift resting at the top of the stairs
stair lift resting at the bottom of the stairs

As you can see in the photos, the Bruno stair lift is a much safer way to navigate between floors if you (or a loved one) are facing mobility challenges. In addition to the Harrisburg area, we also service other communities across Central Pennsylvania. In addition to stair lifts, we’re also proud to install walk-in showers and ramps.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn how IHS can help you or those you love age-in-place with dignity and class.