Project Spotlight: A basement stair lift installation in York

Project Spotlight: A basement stair lift installation in York

Photo of an installed basement stair lift in York, PA

Independent Home Solutions was recently contracted to install a stair lift in nearby York, PA. We’ve installed a lot of stair lifts since our founding in 2006. To basements, additional floors, indoors and out…if you need help navigating stairs or steps, we can help.

Additionally, we take great pride to ensure our work blends in with the structure and decor of your existing home. You can see photographic evidence of that in this York stair lift. Notice that even with the stair lift all the way to the top, the basement door is still able to easily close.  The seat on the lift also folds up, allowing those able to navigate the stairs to continue doing so freely.

Photo of an installed stair lift resting at the top position in York, PA

No matter the obstacle, IHS will happily design and install a solution that’ll help you or a loved one overcome any physical limitation to remain at home. Got something other than a stair lift in mind? No problem! We’ve also got products designed for showers and those in wheelchairs.

So, if you’re in the market for a mobility solutions provider, look no further. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn how IHS can help you remain safe in the place you call home.