Home Modifications for Seniors Living in Lancaster County

Home Modifications for Seniors Living in Lancaster County

With age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes responsibility. This is just as true for our team as it is for the customers we serve. That’s why Independent Home Solutions values education just as much as a good conversation. For many seniors living in Lancaster County, our team has a wealth of information for innovative independent living solutions. Here are the top recommendations our crew installs every day:

Fuller Lives With Fewer Fears

When it comes to senior living in Lancaster County, finding the right modification is crucial to living a full life. It’s common to slow down as you age, but life should never come to a complete halt. Many things get taken for granted early in life but can become extremely difficult and even dangerous as we age. Here’s where we help seniors live life to the fullest:

In the Great Outdoors

For starters, let’s take a look at a simple task many people take for granted. Even two or three steps can be a huge leap for seniors with limited mobility! To promote safe, active senior living in Lancaster County, we recommend ramps and lifts. 


Confident Strides

To make every trip safely, seniors may need solutions to get off the front steps. Independent Home Solutions offers various ramps and lifts to help make those trips easier. We customize every system for our customers’ specific needs with our in-person walkthrough and precise measurements. 

From the backyard to the front porch and everywhere inside the home, we’re proud to provide impactful solutions for people of all ages and abilities to live a full, independent life.

On the Stairs

Even the most hardened athletes sometimes wish they could skip the stairs! So as that trip up the stairs gets harder for seniors, we suggest taking a seat instead. By adding a stairlift, seniors can make it to the next level of their home without worrying about the steps it takes to get there.

Better Living With Bruno

We provide the nation’s most popular stairlifts to Lancaster, courtesy of Bruno Mobility. Their Elan and Elite stairlifts can be integrated and customized to meet the needs of almost any staircase! We precisely measure our customers’ homes and work directly with Bruno to build fully custom lift solutions. 

Elite Straight Outdoor Stair Lift 15


Unlike the designs of the past, these compact, modern designs fold with the push of a button to effortlessly integrate into the original design of a staircase. Whether it’s after your next leg day or before a loved one falls, Bruno and Independent Home Solutions are proud to provide safer senior living in Lancaster County.

In the Shower

Among the other solutions we are proud to provide are walk-in showers! To avoid an awkward and scary slip and fall, we recommend walk-in showers, which take only 2 days to install. With an in-person walkthrough, we’ll provide solutions to make showering safer for seniors living in Lancaster County.

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Take a Stand (Or a Seat)

Since every home is as unique as the homeowner, no lasting solution is one size fits all. In our at-home estimate, we’ll take measurements and discuss seating preferences. After we get the green light, we source and install every desired fixture. The showers we install are designed for zero to minimal step height, which can be crucial to avoiding scary slips and falls. With confidence and peace of mind, seniors can live independently and age comfortably everywhere in their own homes.

Declare Your Independence

We’re proud to be a veteran-owned and operated business in the land of independence. Keep your freedom and peace of mind with Independent Home Solutions. Contact our team and get your free estimate from our team today!